Baguette Battles

Everyone here, in France, walks about with a baguette under one arm. It’s honestly not just a stereotype, the French really do love a good baguette. 

What I can’t work out is how they make it from la boulangerie to their house without ravenously ripping off chunks of it on the way.

 I live a mere 5 minutes away from the bakery and by the time I step foot through my front door, all I’m  left with is a pile of crumbs down my front, something that can prove irritating when you’re planning on making a sandwich. 

As soon as that sweet smell of fresh bread hits me, I can’t contain myself, my mouth engulfs nearly half the baguette in one bite and I don’t regret it for a second. 
In future I must remind myself of my impulsive baguette munching and buy two instead of one. 

Also if you didn’t read the title of this post and immediately envisage two French people using their baguettes as batons and fighting each other like gladiators, are you OK?


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