Thank You Mum


As it’s Mother’s Day today, I’d just like to take a moment to say thank you to my mum. 

Thank you Mum, for scraping my hair up on top of my head as a child, so I looked like a human pineapple. 

Thank you for outing how disgusting my room is whenever we have guests. 

Thank you for pointing out every grammatical error I make on social media.

Thank you for trying to force me to be a flower every Halloween and still maintaining to this day that I would look great with a tutu round my face.

Thank you for taking all my cosmetic items away from me in high school, after finding me paralytic in a field. 

Thank you for photographing me, everytime I try to eat an extremely chocolatey dessert.

Thank you, for frisbeeing coasters at my head when you’re drunk.

Thank you for using my bras as hats. 

But also thank you for, wiping away my tears when other girls were horrible to me.

Thank you for plaiting my hair at 11 at night, when I appeared looking hopefully with a hairbrush and two bobbles.

Thank you for being the photographer in my ‘photo shoots’ before a night out.

Thank you for helping me solve any problem I’ve ever faced.

Thank you for laughing at me when I’m silly.

Thank you for being silly with me.

Thank you for my blue eyes.

And thank you, for being my best friend.


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