Au Revoir France, Hello Scotland

My least favourite hobbit, Frodo Baggins once said, ‘How do you pick up the threads of an old life?’ A question I’ve been asking myself continuously this past week. 

I arrived back from France last Wednesday. Take That’s song, ‘Back for Good’ running repeatedly through my head, life rammed into two cases and a sun tan that will slowly begin to fade along with the memories of my life abroad. It’s probably for the best that I left France anyway, I think I was one baguette away from a gluten coma.

Now that I am back, I feel strange. I’m so happy to be here again with all the people that I love but I can’t shake the overwhelming feeling that I’ve left something behind. 

What could it be? I checked every corner of my flat, I packed all my clothes, I filled in all the paperwork, I said goodbye to everyone I needed to. I’m sure of it! Then what is it?! 

While I think about what I’ve forgotten, I’d like to list all the things I’ve just got back.

My dog, who hates me but was suspiciously excited to see me. 

My family, who welcomed me home with balloons, banners and fizz. 

My boyfriend, who will probably wish I was back in France within a few weeks of me moaning. 

My best friend, who has to my horror, forced me to go to the gym with her frequently since my return. 

Milk. Good old fashioned, blue, Scottish milk. 

The rain, hahaha ye right. 

And whilst I’m so overwhelmed at being home and having all these things in my life again, of course I miss France. I was only there 9 months but I had built a little life for myself and it’s strange that today that’s just a memory. I think I now know what I left in France, something small and something that I sense I will never get back, a little piece of my heart. 


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