Squint Fork Rescue

I was setting tables today in work and I found a fork. This was no ordinary fork. Running from the stem up it was perfect, no faults except for some scratches but when my eyes reached the head, the poor wee guy seemed to wilt sadly to one side. Maybe at first glance you wouldn’t have noticed but sitting next to the smaller, perfectly straight starter fork, this fella looked rather out of place.

I showed my colleagues the wayward soul and each and every one of them looked with disgust and told me to cast the fork aside. Something inside me ached a little when I thought of binning this helpless little fork because it simply didn’t fit the mold anymore. I held the fork in my hands and it’s little tilted head screamed ‘save me’.

This fork somehow reminded me of life. How many people are cast aside because they don’t fit the mold of what’s deemed acceptable? How many people are called freaks because they’re a little bit different. Maybe we’ve all been this fork at one stage in our lives; put in a bin because we were no longer deemed worthy. Society’s cruel constraints or in this instance hospitality’s constraints told this fork it had to go. Yes it was no longer straight but did that mean it’s life had to be cut short? I was sure this dude had many more good mouthfuls left in him.

I took the fork home with me. If they didn’t already, many people now think I’m a little unhinged. And maybe I am. Just like the fork, I perhaps don’t fit in with what’s deemed normal but I’d rather be the squint fork. I’d rather be that rarety among the indistinguishable.

I’m now starting a squint fork relief fund for non conformist cutlery. A Just giving page will be set up shortly if you’re interested in saving helpless cutlery too. 


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